Bed Bug Basics in Littleton, CO; Size, Symptoms, Behavioral Signs, Bites, Treatment & More

Before WWII bed bugs were an epidemic that inflicted many homes and businesses in the country. Following WWII, hard working scientists were able to develop an effective pesticide that nearly eradicated bedbugs. For a time, bed bugs were only known in children’s rhymes. But in recent decades, bed bugs have been making a comeback. Since the 1990’s we have had the convenience of world traveling that is easily accomplished. One of the negative consequences is that bed bug populations are on the rise. Previous extermination methods are no longer effective as some have been banned and bed bugs have become immune to other treatments. Fortunately, new methods and techniques are being developed and utilized by professionals to rid your home or business of bed bugs effectively and efficiently. There are some bed bug basics that everyone can benefit from. Today, we at Envirotech Pest Solutions would like to share some of them to help you be more familiar with bed bugs and how to deal with them.

Can You See Bed Bugs? What Do They Look Like?

Bed bugs are incredibly small; they only get to the size of an apple seed by the adult stage. Their bodies are typically a light brown color, and are oval-shaped and flat. However, they can appear engorged and redder, and sometimes the reddish tint might linger following meal time. Males and females look very similar; the only distinction is the male’s abdomen comes to a point, where the female’s abdomen is more round. Bedbugs develop wing pads by the time they are adults, but they are just for show which renders bed bugs flightless.

Bed Bug Behavior; Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day?

Bed bugs are more active in the evening, being nocturnal consuming their meals every night. They favor warm-blooded animals, especially people to feast upon. Being that they invade your bed when they emerge from the daylight sanctuaries, they are so named bed bug. Smaller colonies will often find their day time hiding places and stick to living on your bed during the night. As bed bugs increase in numbers however, the further out they spread. Bed bugs search for warm and secure places to nestle in while they slumber. They can be commonly found hiding in nooks, crevices, cracks and holes in beds, other furnishings, walls, and other objects found in the bedroom. When staying on the bed, bed bugs are discovered in head boards, mattresses, linens, bedding, box springs and frames. Other places such as power sockets, light switch plates, behind picture frames under floorboards, baseboards, other furniture, in alarm clocks, and so on are typical places they reside in as their numbers grow.

How to Bed Bugs Spread?

More often than not, bed bugs are transported unknowingly and will lurk on luggage and furnishings in public places until they are able to find a host. Trains, airplanes and other public transportation can easily be infested with bed bugs. Hotels, motels and other means of lodging are likely establishments. Offices, medical facilities, movie theaters and anywhere that caters to the public is equally susceptible.

Bed Bug Infestation Signs

Knowing you have a bed bug infestation can be a challenge if you don’t know the signs. Below is a list of some red flags.
– Bite marks that red, itchy, and sometimes inflamed are often in alignment on exposed skin, like your arms. As they feed their bites are more lined up in comparison to the random spots other insects deliver.
– Rusty red stains adorning your sheets; caused from the blood that spilled after they detached.
– As they cycle through their life and evolve in the various stages, they will shed their skin, which is often left in small little remnants on your bed or in close proximity.
– Bedbug’s fecal matter looks blackish or brown. On porous surfaces it will absorb and stain; on nonporous surfaces their feces will mound up.

Bed Bug Inspection & Extermination

If you suspect bedbugs, contact Envirotech Pest Solutions and let our experienced specialists take care of the rest! After completing a thorough bed bug inspection, we will present a customized plan to exterminate the bed bugs in your home or business and develop a plan to prevent future infestations.