What Causes Black Carpet Beetles & How to Get Rid of These Fabric Pest Insects in Castle Rock, CO

The Black Carpet Beetle is a fairly common pest that many homeowners don’t even realize they have. The black carpet beetle is most especially found in the Northeastern part of the United States, where these tiny pests can cause damage to carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics if left unattended too long. Envirotech Pest Solutions will share a little about the nature of these pests and how you can protect your home against them.

Identification of Black Carpet Beetles

The black carpet beetle is very small. They will only grow to just under a quarter on an inch in length. You will find they are completely black with a set of brownish black wings. The black carpet beetle feeds on many kinds of fabric such as wool, silks, leather, feathers, and even hair. They will also occasionally eat dry meats, plants and other dead insects. The black carpet beetle doesn’t just affect carpets and furniture but they have also been known to infest linen closets and kitchen cupboards as well.

Black Carpet Beetle Lifecycle; Eggs, Larvae and Adults

Black carpet beetles can be a year around problem if they are already indoors. As long as their environment stays warm, they will continue to reproduce. Be aware that their eggs will hatch within 12 days. If the eggs where laid in a cooler climate, they will take up to 20 days longer to hatch. The black carpet beetle larva is the largest of all other carpet beetles. The larva is brown and gold in color with long golden hair at the end of the larva. Black carpet beetle larvae can live for 640 days in which they can cause a lot of damage to your home. While adult black carpet beetles don’t cause damage indoors per-say, they are still considered a pest.

Infestations of Black Carpet Beetles Are Difficult to Get Rid of

Black carpet beetles can be one of the most difficult types of pest to control, not just due to their size, but to the fact they can turn anything into a food source. With most pests, eliminating food, water and shelter is in itself a great deterrent to reduce the majority of the pest problem. This isn’t the case for the black carpet beetle. Even a home or business with no carpeted floor doesn’t prevent this pest. This insect can still feed and survive on other sources of food and shelter. The answer to what causes carpet beetles is dust and lint. One method of carpet beetle control is regular sanitation of upholstery, linens and carpets in the home. This will kill many of the black carpet beetles that might be in the residence and remove what attracts them – the lint and dust.

Professional Fabric Pest Control

Another and probably best method of ridding your home of black carpet beetles is contacting a professional pest control company. We can help determine the best course to help rid your home of these hardy pests. At times major pesticides aren’t needed and at other times they are. It will depend on the severity of your current black carpet beetle infestations. If you have discovered black carpet beetles, we here at Envirotech Pest Solutions can help make your home safer from the damage that these little pests can do. Don’t allow your carpets and upholsteries to be slowly consumed and damaged by black carpet beetles. Contact us when it comes to your home or business pest problems. Envirotech Pest Solutions can eradicate these pests.