Do Roaches Like or Freeze to Death in the Cold Weather? Or Do They Hibernate During Winter in Parker, CO?

Many of us let our guard down when it comes to pest control during the winter. Pests and cold weather just don’t seem to go hand in hand. There is no doubt that pest problems are much worse during the summer, but did you know there are several pests that can still pose a problem during the winter? Cockroaches are one of them. Envirotech Pest Solutions is here to talk about cockroaches and what makes them a problem even during the winter.

Do Roaches Hibernate in the Winter?

When speaking of cockroaches, many of them do hibernate during the winter. They will find places like the nearest wood pile to make their bed for a long winter’s nap. This is actually a great time to take advantage of their slumber and eliminate them. When you get rid of them while they are hibernating, you will have a much smaller cockroach problem when the weather warms up and they start waking up again. If it is at all possible, kill them while they are hibernating.

Not All Cockroaches Hibernate in Cold Weather

What keeps a cockroach up and active during the winter? The answer to that question is warmth, food and water. If they have those three things, they will continue to be a problem all throughout the winter. If they can find any way into your home, look out; they will stay active all throughout the winter. Oriental Cockroaches are the worst in this respect and they actually breed and reproduce during the winter when they find a way inside.

How to Prevent a Cockroach Infestation Problem During the Winter

There are several ways to avoid a cockroach infestation this winter. Here is a list of tips that can help you keep them away from your home.
1. Seal Cockroach Pest Access Points – Take the time to seal off any possible areas that cockroaches could gain access into your home. Seal off any cracks in your foundation. Put screens on any vents into the attic, and so on.
2. Pest Proof Storage Containers – Make sure your food is stored properly. Cockroaches will basically eat anything they can find. They don’t care if the food is rotten or if you just bought it at the store yesterday. Use containers that are sealed and will keep pests out.
3. Keep a Clean Home – Keeping your home clean and clutter free will give cockroaches less places to hide during the day and will make your space less appealing to them. Don’t leave any food out, especially in the sink overnight. This attracts cockroaches right away since they are most active at night.

Cockroach Control

Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about cockroaches in your home this winter. If you do happen to find that you have tried everything and still have a cockroach problem in your residence, Envirotech Pest Solutions can help. We provide pest control no matter how cold the temperatures are outside and can get rid of any cockroach and pest problems you might have. Call us today!