Identification of Harmful & Damaging Pests Found in Centennial, CO; House Mouse, Carpenter Ant & More

Pest control services are not a seasonal service but something that should be utilized all year round. The pests that you are sure to be dealing with are going to change as the seasons change but there are some pests that will remain an annoyance all year. They use your home as a refuge when the weather reaches a temperature they are not accustomed to. That means that when you decide to take a season off you are welcoming a slew of pests into your life. One way to understand the need for professional pest control services is to understand the pests in your area. There are some pests that are found often all over your state that you should know more about.

Envirotech Pest Solutions Lists Some of the More Harmful & Damaging Pests Found in Colorado

House Mouse & Norway Rat Rodents: Rodents are a problem for residents and businesses alike. They are a fast little critter and can carry with them disease, bacteria and property damage in their wake. They are found in many homes for many different reasons. One is they love to find a nice cozy place to nest away from the elements. Your attic or walls are perfect since they can easily find insulation and other products to nest with. Mice and rats chew through wires, cords and into furniture to get what they need. These rodents are pests that are found all year round and are more commonly found indoors when the weather gets too cold. They are a messy pest that walk through their own feces and drag it along with the bacteria onto the surfaces in your home. Use a professional pest control company to handle a rodent problem because it can get out of hand very quickly!
Western Black Widow Spider: Some venomous spiders can be a real problem for people but even harmless spiders are feared by many. There are movies that use that fear as the main component behind the plot. Spiders in general have a bad rap but most don’t deserve to be feared. Most spiders should be a welcome sight because they will eat other insects that are found in the house. But many people just don’t want spiders in their homes – especially as venomous spiders look so similar to harmless arachnids. The most common species of venomous spider found in Colorado that is harmful to humans is the Western black widow spider. Why take the risk on having spiders indoors? Pest Control services can help to eliminate spiders that are getting indoors.
Carpenter Ants: There are many species of ants that are found in the state of Colorado. There are some that use the pavement as a great place to nest while others prefer our yards and even inside our homes. No matter where they prefer to nest, the colony of ants needs to be able to collect food. They are invaders and will come in to get access to food waste that is often left in garbage cans as well as on kitchen counters and in sinks. They also are attracted to pet food that is left in and around the home. The most harmful species of ant found in Colorado however is the Carpenter ant. These are a destructive ant species that chew tunnels and galleries inside wood to make their nests which can lead to structural issues of your home or business.

Pest Control Solutions

If you have a problem with ants or other pests, they need to be treated at the source so be sure a trusted pest control company is contacted. Envirotech Pest Solutions is here for all your pest control needs!