Importance of Hospital, Medical Institution & Healthcare Facility Pest Control Policy Procedures in Aurora, CO

When we think of healthcare buildings and facilities, we automatically think sterile and clean. However even a healthcare building has it own challenges with their squeaky clean persona. Like any other building it needs constant cleaning … pest management. Every healthcare facility has its own unique needs for pest control. You must tailor each healthcare building’s pest control program to fit its own pest problems and of course, the patients needs as well. Envirotech Pest Solutions will share a little bit about the battle a healthcare facility faces against pest and learn what the real pest problem is.

Pest Analysis in Healthcare; Preventing Pests

Many kinds of pests can enter healthcare facilities through small cracks and doorways. It is the pest control company’s job to find these entry points, spray and help seal them off. But the battle is still not won just yet. Many pests also gain entry to healthcare facilities through drains and drainage lines. Many pests like cockroaches and even ants will make their way into the healthcare building using this route. It is a common pest control practice to use a drainage cleaner. This cleaner uses a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes and good bacteria that breaks down grease and grime in the drain. This helps clean them and prevent pests from wanting to go through the drains. Another major pest problem is roosting birds. Many birds are drawn to roof tops to nest. Pest control professionals often find pigeons and other birds nesting near the HVAC unit of healthcare buildings. This could be a major problem for patients. Pigeons especially carry pathogens that can be spread through the HVAC system and are carried throughout the facility. This is why bird control is taken seriously in our healthcare facilities.

Cardboard Boxes Bring in Cockroaches & Spiders. Bedding Brings in Bed Bugs!

However many of the pest problems that healthcare facilities face aren’t derived from the environment of birds and insects, but the high volume of visitors and patients. Due to the constant flow of visitors, the doorways of healthcare facilities are open a great deal of the time. This gives pests time to enter. All of the loving family or friends that bring blankets and pillows to the patients often bring in bed bugs which are one of the top pest problems in healthcare facilities. Insects like cockroaches and spiders are sometimes brought in with boxes of cardboard items for a long term patient to help make their rooms feel more like home.

Hospital & Medical Institution Pest Prevention

So what can be done to fight pest problems in healthcare facilities? By helping make more people aware of the possibility that they could be bringing in pests and having them take the proper measures so that they don’t, will greatly reduce this problem. For those who wish to bring their friend or family pillows and blankets, washing them first in hot water and drying them using high heat will kill any possible bed bug problem. Encourage people to enter the healthcare facility quickly. This will help keep pests out. Have them check all boxes or bags before they come into a healthcare facility for any pest.

Professional Pest Management

Healthcare facilities do their part in keeping the building clean and pest free, but visitors can help play their part too. Envirotech Pest Solutions will continue to work on keeping healthcare buildings clean and pest free. For your entire residential and commercial pest management needs, contact Envirotech Pest Solutions today.