Envirotech Pest Control specializes in cockroach extermination and will eliminate the presence of cockroaches from your home or office. Envirotech Pest Control is skilled and experienced in the latest and most effective methods required to exterminate cockroaches that have gained access into your home. Envirotech pest technicians are familiar with every species of cockroach that are in Colorado and know exactly what it takes to exterminate them and keep them away from your home and property. Cockroaches are one of the most common insects that home owners will come into contact with; they are also one of the filthiest insects that will come into your home. Call Envirotech Pest Control to eliminate the presence of cockroaches from your home.

How do Cockroaches get into your House?

Envirotech Pest Control knows cockroaches can easily get into your home if they are given the smallest point of entry. Cockroaches have the ability to squeeze through the smallest crack or crevice that they can find around the exterior of your home. Not only will cockroaches crawl through small holes to gain access into your home, but they will also crawl through open windows, doors, pet doors and air vents. Cockroaches are resilient insects that can adapt to almost any environment, making your home a perfect target for them to build a nest in.

Cockroach Inspections for Roaches & Nests

Once cockroaches have gained access into your home, they will immediately begin searching for a reliable food and water source. Cockroaches are commonly found in areas like the kitchen, underneath bathroom sinks and even in your shower. Envirotech Pest Control pest technicians will thoroughly inspect your home for any sign of cockroaches. If cockroaches have successfully infested your home, Envirotech pest technicians will pinpoint the exact location of the cockroach nest and destroy it. Envirotech Pest Control is skilled and experienced in eliminating cockroaches from your home.

Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches have the ability to live for a long amount of time without food or water, making them even more of a threat when it comes to the possibility of an infestation. Cockroaches are also extremely fast at reproducing, and you could have a roach infestation on your hands before you even notice more than a couple of cockroaches quickly scrambling across your floor or up the wall. Not only are cockroaches a huge nuisance to homeowners, but they can also carry a great deal of dangerous diseases that can pose a health risk to you and your family. Envirotech Pest Control will eliminate the cockroaches from your home and property to ensure you and your family are kept safe.

American, German & Oriental Cockroach Control

Colorado is home to many different species of cockroaches; however the most common species of roaches in Colorado are the American cockroach, the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach. All of these species are excellent when it comes to scavenging for food and they also all tend to live in dark and damp environments. If you suspect that you may have a cockroach problem, whether it is at your office or in your home, contact Envirotech Pest Control immediately to remove cockroaches for good.