Health Problems & Diseases Caused by Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, Fleas, Mites, Ticks & More in Aurora, CO

Probably the only good thing that can be said about bed bugs is that they are not a known carrier of any disease organism, though they find your blood tasty. But bacteria and viruses are in cahoots with many pests that carry and spread them. Cockroaches, fleas, ticks and rodents for example are all disease carriers. This is the reason most pests are persona non grata if they move in with us.

Health Problems & Diseases Caused by Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the omniscient bug found in our homes. Typhoid fever, Cholera, Dysentery, Leprosy, Plague and Giardia are all diseases that are carried by cockroaches. Typhoid fever is a bacterial disease and is highly infectious. Cockroaches have been linked with asthma as well. Cholera is an infection and causes acute diarrhea. Worldwide is estimated that from 28,000 to 142,000 deaths are attributed to cholera. So cockroaches are definitely to be feared. Most of the diseases spread by the roach result from poor sanitation and can be avoided by covering food and keeping the area clean. With the proper precautions roach spread diseases can be eliminated or at least managed. For the roach to carry the disease it must pick it from eating contaminated substances. No contamination, no sickening disease. These vomiting and pooping critters may survive the holocaust but have and will bedevil us for all of our existence. There no letting up from the roach.

Bubonic Plague Spread by Fleas

Fleas are the carriers of the bubonic plague that killed millions in the middle ages and reduced the European population by half. Not only did the plague kill directly, it created an economic crisis as well due to the loss of skilled labor that lasted multiple decades. These critters can also spread typhus.

Rats & Mice Carry Fleas

Rodents carry fleas that carry disease as well as their infected droppings, urine and saliva. Diseases carried by rodents can be spread to humans directly or indirectly, through fleas, mites or ticks that have fed on an infected rodent. Parasites and other hitchhikers can find themselves sharing our homes as well. These can contaminate food and when dry may become air borne. Tapeworms, trench fever and a multitude of viruses and bacteria are carried or transmitted from these mammals and one, Hanatavirus has a 38% mortality rate.

Professional Pest Management

Children, the elderly and our pets are at risk from a multitude of pests that share our home environment. Pests is a general term referring to any insect, arachnid, rodent etc that invade our homes and yards; and often may be the cause of health troubles. If you see one of the pests, rest assured that they represent a vast population of critters unseen. Time to call your bugman to eradicate these pests, or at least to manage their population levels. Taking on pests is a constant battle but one we are willing to fight! To control your pesky multi-legged tenants, secure the services of a competent pest control company. Our professionals at Envirotech Pest Solutions are ready to serve you. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!

Importance of Bed Bug, Ant, Cockroach & Other Pest Control Procedures in the Hotel & Hospitality Industry in Denver, CO

When guests check into a hotel, they are looking for a carefree, easy going getaway. Hotels are a refuge and break from regular schedules and routines. Nothing will ruin the moment like a pest infested hotel room. And nothing will bring down a hotel’s ratings like pest infestations either. Envirotech Pest Solutions is here to talk about some of the challenges hotels face when trying to stay pest free.

Bed Bugs Bites Are a Constant Worry for Hotel Owners

If you are in the hotel business, you know exactly how damaging a bed bug infestation can be to your brand. The dark mark left behind by a bed bug infestation isn’t an easy one to get rid of. Bed bugs are on the rise and continue to be a big problem in the hospitality industry. Bed bug infestations will result in loss of current business as well as future patronage by guests. It is imperative that hotels are inspected for bed bugs by professionals often and have an integrated pest control program in place to avoid this damaging pest. This plan may include bed bug encasements as well as the proper training for your staff to help them in detecting signs of a bed bug problem early.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Hotel Rooms

Ants are a pest that are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Often, when business owners attempt to get rid of an ant problem on their own, it only ends up making the problem worse. Ants can contaminate food as well as pose a risk to guests if they are an ant species that bite. An exterior and interior pest management plan should be put in place to keep ants out of your hotel. An ant infestation gives your guests the wrong message about the cleanliness of your facility.

Don’t Get Stuck in a Cockroach Hotel Trap or Known as a Roach Motel!

Cockroaches can gross out even the most daring person. Roaches have such a strong reputation for being disgusting that it is hard to see past that when you find one in your hotel room after checking in. Cockroaches are a common problem in hotels and shouldn’t be ignored. Where you see one cockroach, there are most definitely more. Proper sanitation practices as well as repairing any leaks that create a water source for this pest are great ways to avoid infestation. If you do have a cockroach problem, it needs to be dealt with quickly before the problem gets out of control. If a cockroach is spotted during daylight hours, there is a good chance you have an infestation problem.

Pest Inspections & Treatment

Keeping your hotel pest free is a big priority for those in the hospitality business. This is why it is so important to have an integrated pest management plan in place to have routine inspections and a record of any pest activity so those areas can be a focus during treatment. Envirotech Pest Solutions offers integrated pest solutions that can be customized to fit the specific needs of your facility and create a pest free environment for your staff and guests. Call us today!

Identification of Harmful & Damaging Pests Found in Centennial, CO; House Mouse, Carpenter Ant & More

Pest control services are not a seasonal service but something that should be utilized all year round. The pests that you are sure to be dealing with are going to change as the seasons change but there are some pests that will remain an annoyance all year. They use your home as a refuge when the weather reaches a temperature they are not accustomed to. That means that when you decide to take a season off you are welcoming a slew of pests into your life. One way to understand the need for professional pest control services is to understand the pests in your area. There are some pests that are found often all over your state that you should know more about.

Envirotech Pest Solutions Lists Some of the More Harmful & Damaging Pests Found in Colorado

House Mouse & Norway Rat Rodents: Rodents are a problem for residents and businesses alike. They are a fast little critter and can carry with them disease, bacteria and property damage in their wake. They are found in many homes for many different reasons. One is they love to find a nice cozy place to nest away from the elements. Your attic or walls are perfect since they can easily find insulation and other products to nest with. Mice and rats chew through wires, cords and into furniture to get what they need. These rodents are pests that are found all year round and are more commonly found indoors when the weather gets too cold. They are a messy pest that walk through their own feces and drag it along with the bacteria onto the surfaces in your home. Use a professional pest control company to handle a rodent problem because it can get out of hand very quickly!
Western Black Widow Spider: Some venomous spiders can be a real problem for people but even harmless spiders are feared by many. There are movies that use that fear as the main component behind the plot. Spiders in general have a bad rap but most don’t deserve to be feared. Most spiders should be a welcome sight because they will eat other insects that are found in the house. But many people just don’t want spiders in their homes – especially as venomous spiders look so similar to harmless arachnids. The most common species of venomous spider found in Colorado that is harmful to humans is the Western black widow spider. Why take the risk on having spiders indoors? Pest Control services can help to eliminate spiders that are getting indoors.
Carpenter Ants: There are many species of ants that are found in the state of Colorado. There are some that use the pavement as a great place to nest while others prefer our yards and even inside our homes. No matter where they prefer to nest, the colony of ants needs to be able to collect food. They are invaders and will come in to get access to food waste that is often left in garbage cans as well as on kitchen counters and in sinks. They also are attracted to pet food that is left in and around the home. The most harmful species of ant found in Colorado however is the Carpenter ant. These are a destructive ant species that chew tunnels and galleries inside wood to make their nests which can lead to structural issues of your home or business.

Pest Control Solutions

If you have a problem with ants or other pests, they need to be treated at the source so be sure a trusted pest control company is contacted. Envirotech Pest Solutions is here for all your pest control needs!

What Causes Black Carpet Beetles & How to Get Rid of These Fabric Pest Insects in Castle Rock, CO

The Black Carpet Beetle is a fairly common pest that many homeowners don’t even realize they have. The black carpet beetle is most especially found in the Northeastern part of the United States, where these tiny pests can cause damage to carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics if left unattended too long. Envirotech Pest Solutions will share a little about the nature of these pests and how you can protect your home against them.

Identification of Black Carpet Beetles

The black carpet beetle is very small. They will only grow to just under a quarter on an inch in length. You will find they are completely black with a set of brownish black wings. The black carpet beetle feeds on many kinds of fabric such as wool, silks, leather, feathers, and even hair. They will also occasionally eat dry meats, plants and other dead insects. The black carpet beetle doesn’t just affect carpets and furniture but they have also been known to infest linen closets and kitchen cupboards as well.

Black Carpet Beetle Lifecycle; Eggs, Larvae and Adults

Black carpet beetles can be a year around problem if they are already indoors. As long as their environment stays warm, they will continue to reproduce. Be aware that their eggs will hatch within 12 days. If the eggs where laid in a cooler climate, they will take up to 20 days longer to hatch. The black carpet beetle larva is the largest of all other carpet beetles. The larva is brown and gold in color with long golden hair at the end of the larva. Black carpet beetle larvae can live for 640 days in which they can cause a lot of damage to your home. While adult black carpet beetles don’t cause damage indoors per-say, they are still considered a pest.

Infestations of Black Carpet Beetles Are Difficult to Get Rid of

Black carpet beetles can be one of the most difficult types of pest to control, not just due to their size, but to the fact they can turn anything into a food source. With most pests, eliminating food, water and shelter is in itself a great deterrent to reduce the majority of the pest problem. This isn’t the case for the black carpet beetle. Even a home or business with no carpeted floor doesn’t prevent this pest. This insect can still feed and survive on other sources of food and shelter. The answer to what causes carpet beetles is dust and lint. One method of carpet beetle control is regular sanitation of upholstery, linens and carpets in the home. This will kill many of the black carpet beetles that might be in the residence and remove what attracts them – the lint and dust.

Professional Fabric Pest Control

Another and probably best method of ridding your home of black carpet beetles is contacting a professional pest control company. We can help determine the best course to help rid your home of these hardy pests. At times major pesticides aren’t needed and at other times they are. It will depend on the severity of your current black carpet beetle infestations. If you have discovered black carpet beetles, we here at Envirotech Pest Solutions can help make your home safer from the damage that these little pests can do. Don’t allow your carpets and upholsteries to be slowly consumed and damaged by black carpet beetles. Contact us when it comes to your home or business pest problems. Envirotech Pest Solutions can eradicate these pests.

Do Roaches Like or Freeze to Death in the Cold Weather? Or Do They Hibernate During Winter in Parker, CO?

Many of us let our guard down when it comes to pest control during the winter. Pests and cold weather just don’t seem to go hand in hand. There is no doubt that pest problems are much worse during the summer, but did you know there are several pests that can still pose a problem during the winter? Cockroaches are one of them. Envirotech Pest Solutions is here to talk about cockroaches and what makes them a problem even during the winter.

Do Roaches Hibernate in the Winter?

When speaking of cockroaches, many of them do hibernate during the winter. They will find places like the nearest wood pile to make their bed for a long winter’s nap. This is actually a great time to take advantage of their slumber and eliminate them. When you get rid of them while they are hibernating, you will have a much smaller cockroach problem when the weather warms up and they start waking up again. If it is at all possible, kill them while they are hibernating.

Not All Cockroaches Hibernate in Cold Weather

What keeps a cockroach up and active during the winter? The answer to that question is warmth, food and water. If they have those three things, they will continue to be a problem all throughout the winter. If they can find any way into your home, look out; they will stay active all throughout the winter. Oriental Cockroaches are the worst in this respect and they actually breed and reproduce during the winter when they find a way inside.

How to Prevent a Cockroach Infestation Problem During the Winter

There are several ways to avoid a cockroach infestation this winter. Here is a list of tips that can help you keep them away from your home.
1. Seal Cockroach Pest Access Points – Take the time to seal off any possible areas that cockroaches could gain access into your home. Seal off any cracks in your foundation. Put screens on any vents into the attic, and so on.
2. Pest Proof Storage Containers – Make sure your food is stored properly. Cockroaches will basically eat anything they can find. They don’t care if the food is rotten or if you just bought it at the store yesterday. Use containers that are sealed and will keep pests out.
3. Keep a Clean Home – Keeping your home clean and clutter free will give cockroaches less places to hide during the day and will make your space less appealing to them. Don’t leave any food out, especially in the sink overnight. This attracts cockroaches right away since they are most active at night.

Cockroach Control

Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about cockroaches in your home this winter. If you do happen to find that you have tried everything and still have a cockroach problem in your residence, Envirotech Pest Solutions can help. We provide pest control no matter how cold the temperatures are outside and can get rid of any cockroach and pest problems you might have. Call us today!

Bed Bug Basics in Littleton, CO; Size, Symptoms, Behavioral Signs, Bites, Treatment & More

Before WWII bed bugs were an epidemic that inflicted many homes and businesses in the country. Following WWII, hard working scientists were able to develop an effective pesticide that nearly eradicated bedbugs. For a time, bed bugs were only known in children’s rhymes. But in recent decades, bed bugs have been making a comeback. Since the 1990’s we have had the convenience of world traveling that is easily accomplished. One of the negative consequences is that bed bug populations are on the rise. Previous extermination methods are no longer effective as some have been banned and bed bugs have become immune to other treatments. Fortunately, new methods and techniques are being developed and utilized by professionals to rid your home or business of bed bugs effectively and efficiently. There are some bed bug basics that everyone can benefit from. Today, we at Envirotech Pest Solutions would like to share some of them to help you be more familiar with bed bugs and how to deal with them.

Can You See Bed Bugs? What Do They Look Like?

Bed bugs are incredibly small; they only get to the size of an apple seed by the adult stage. Their bodies are typically a light brown color, and are oval-shaped and flat. However, they can appear engorged and redder, and sometimes the reddish tint might linger following meal time. Males and females look very similar; the only distinction is the male’s abdomen comes to a point, where the female’s abdomen is more round. Bedbugs develop wing pads by the time they are adults, but they are just for show which renders bed bugs flightless.

Bed Bug Behavior; Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day?

Bed bugs are more active in the evening, being nocturnal consuming their meals every night. They favor warm-blooded animals, especially people to feast upon. Being that they invade your bed when they emerge from the daylight sanctuaries, they are so named bed bug. Smaller colonies will often find their day time hiding places and stick to living on your bed during the night. As bed bugs increase in numbers however, the further out they spread. Bed bugs search for warm and secure places to nestle in while they slumber. They can be commonly found hiding in nooks, crevices, cracks and holes in beds, other furnishings, walls, and other objects found in the bedroom. When staying on the bed, bed bugs are discovered in head boards, mattresses, linens, bedding, box springs and frames. Other places such as power sockets, light switch plates, behind picture frames under floorboards, baseboards, other furniture, in alarm clocks, and so on are typical places they reside in as their numbers grow.

How to Bed Bugs Spread?

More often than not, bed bugs are transported unknowingly and will lurk on luggage and furnishings in public places until they are able to find a host. Trains, airplanes and other public transportation can easily be infested with bed bugs. Hotels, motels and other means of lodging are likely establishments. Offices, medical facilities, movie theaters and anywhere that caters to the public is equally susceptible.

Bed Bug Infestation Signs

Knowing you have a bed bug infestation can be a challenge if you don’t know the signs. Below is a list of some red flags.
– Bite marks that red, itchy, and sometimes inflamed are often in alignment on exposed skin, like your arms. As they feed their bites are more lined up in comparison to the random spots other insects deliver.
– Rusty red stains adorning your sheets; caused from the blood that spilled after they detached.
– As they cycle through their life and evolve in the various stages, they will shed their skin, which is often left in small little remnants on your bed or in close proximity.
– Bedbug’s fecal matter looks blackish or brown. On porous surfaces it will absorb and stain; on nonporous surfaces their feces will mound up.

Bed Bug Inspection & Extermination

If you suspect bedbugs, contact Envirotech Pest Solutions and let our experienced specialists take care of the rest! After completing a thorough bed bug inspection, we will present a customized plan to exterminate the bed bugs in your home or business and develop a plan to prevent future infestations.

What Do Ants Go in the Winter Rain & At What Temperature do Ant Pests Hibernate in Front Range, CO?

Just like us, ants will take steps to survive the winter. Ants will eat large amounts of food in the fall to increase their fat stores. This will allow them to go without food during the cold months. They will become dormant during this time where they will feed off fats carbohydrates and proteins that they have stored. When the temperature drops to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, ants look for places to take sanctuary. Unfortunately, our homes provide them with food and a warm shelter. When the cold weather arrives, the bodies of ants will dramatically drop, with movement becoming very slow. If you see one or two ants, chances are there are others you can’t see. They will find these places and cluster together to maintain body heat. They will make sure the queen is protected from the elements to maintain the colonies population. The openings to the nests will close as the activity slows down and eventually stops. As the weather begins to get warmer, the ants will become active again. The entrances will be opened so they can go outside. The worker ants will be the first to venture outside to look for food. Once they find a source of food, they will eat it and go back to the colony. Others will be alerted as to where to locate the food. This is done by an odor trail that is left behind from the food source of the colony. When you see ant trails, this is what is going on.

How to Get Rid of Ants

There are three big steps you cab take to prevent ants from invading your home.
1. Remove food sources. Ants will not come into your home if there isn’t food for them. Store food that isn’t sealed in tight fitted containers or in areas that aren’t easily accessible.
2. Surface cleaning. Be consistent in cleaning spills and crumbs that can be taken back to the colony. There are cleaning solutions such as vinegar that will deter ants from areas such as countertops and flooring.
3. Locate ant nests by following the trail. One ant means many more are around. If you see an ant trail, follow it back to where the colony is. If you can, locate it and put ant motels out or other traps next to the colony to take care of the problem.
Once you have eliminated the problem, take the steps necessary to prevent them from returning. Make sure you aren’t repeating the conditions that had you dealing with them in the first place. Become consistent in cleaning food related spills that will invite them into your home. Ants detest the smell of vinegar, so use it as part of your cleaning routine.

Indoor & Outdoor Ant Control

If you know how ants survive over the winter, you can take steps to prepare and prevent invasions in the spring. Reduce the chances that ants will overwinter in your home by hiring an exterminator to treat the walls and perimeter of your home. These chemicals are powerful at killing ants on contact and will leave a long-lasting effect to keep them out of your home the following spring. Do all you can to keep them out and contact Envirotech Pest Solutions if your home becomes a shelter for ants or other pests this winter!

Hearing Scratching Sounds and/or Seeing Droppings & Nests? How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Lakewood, CO Attic

Have you ever noticed that when mice infest a house, they often take over the attic? This seems to be a popular place for mice to make a home, and during the winter months in Colorado, this is especially true. Envirotech Pest Solutions is here to talk about why mice like your attic so much and how you can rid it of them when they try to take it over.

Why Do Mice Like the Attic so Much?

The biggest draw for mice to set up shop in your attic is the access to food and shelter. In the winter months, these two things can be especially hard to find, so if there is an opportunity to snag a spot in your attic to reside in the cold months, any mice will jump at it. It is likely that the mice don’t have to worry about any other animal or creature causing them any harm up there, because they are usually the only ones there. Sounds like the perfect spot for winter.

Signs of Mice in Your Attic

One of the first signs that you have a mice infestation in your attic, is the scratching sounds created by them scuttling around up there. You will most likely hear them up there doing whatever it is they do during the day and night. Once you hear them tirelessly working to build their house up there, you will be able to spot them by the droppings and the nest they leave behind. You should know that when you hear scratching and moving around up in the attic, it could be a number of small animals and rodents, not just mice.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Attic

There are several steps you can take to ensure mice don’t make your attic their next home.
1. Seal Off Access Points– If you see any holes or cracks that lead into your attic, they need to be repaired to keep mice out. A mouse can fit through a hole roughly the size of a dime. Don’t underestimate the mouse’s ability to practically shrink in order to fit in a hole. If you have any vents into your attic, you should cover them with some sort of netting or mesh to keep mice from climbing into them.
2. Don’t Feed the Mice– When you find mice up in your attic, you want to remove any nests up there. After removing nests, remove any food they may be chewing on as well. If they can’t find any food, they will move on and find somewhere else to live.
3. Trap or Poising Lingering Mice– If you find that you have mice left behind, you can try poisoning them or trapping them to get them out of there. Don’t forget to check traps regularly as well as the rest of your attic for dead mice. If they are left up there, they will start to smell really bad.

Mice, Rat & Rodent Control

If you are having a hard time getting rid of mice or other rodents in your attic, Envirotech Pest Solutions can help you get rid of them in a hurry. Mice multiply quickly, so if you have a mouse problem you can’t get a handle on, don’t hesitate to call us today!

Importance of Implementing a Commercial Pest Control Management Plan in Englewood, CO

For all of those managers, regardless how large or how many properties you might take care of, pest control is a major part of your care. It’s obvious that pests can cause problems for any commercial building and property. This is why it is critical to have a well rounded pest management program. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends every property manager to have an implemented pest management program as they approach their pest control with safety and effectiveness. Envirotech Pest Solutions will explain how we can work with any commercial manager in developing the ideal pest control program.

Implementing a Pest Management Plan

When it comes time to take the initiative of a pest control program, it is best for all businesses to keep in mind that local environmental factors will play a part in creating a fully developed pest control program. It may also take time to discover each building’s pest problem. This might be a little expensive at first, but once it is established, it will be a matter of regular visits from your pest control company to keep up on the program. Here are some of the factors you need to consider for a successful pest control program and management.

Customized Pest Control Solutions

When you’re looking for the right company to help you with your pest control needs start by looking for a reputable company. You will want a well trained crew that is able to determine your environmental pest problem and properly develop a pest control program suited to your business. Also a good pest control company will have documentation of the history of pests in your buildings and the pests you will likely be threatened by. We will also break down the treatment for all your pest control needs.

Reducing Pest Populations

Another part of a manager’s pest control program will need to come from the tenants and employees. They can contribute to the cause, meaning help reduce pest populations. Start by asking them to properly dispose of trash and waste and even keeping all the trash inside the dumpster or other trash disposal areas. Keep cafeterias, lunch rooms and other eating areas free of discarded food and keep them cleaned. Most importantly, advise the manager of any pests that has begun infecting the area. Additional help in keeping an eye out for pests will ensure the manager stays on top of things.

Landscapers Role in Commercial Pest Control

Don’t just stop working with tenants and employees. Seek assistance from your landscaper as well. Landscapers don’t just play a vital role in keeping the outside vegetation looking good and maintained, they are also important in keeping pests at bay. Overgrown vegetation and leaky water pipes cause pests to gather in those areas. Keeping it groomed and the watering system in good condition will greatly help in reducing the pest population.

Treat Pest Problems Right Away

Don’t hesitate when a pest problem creeps up. Deal with the problems as they occur. The longer a pest goes unchecked, the harder and more expensive it is to deal with. Also keep records of your pest control company’s actions — what was done each time they come. Then keep your own records of how effective their services have been and if adjustments need to be made.

Commercial Pest Control

Even the cleanest commercial building will get pests. This is why it is important to keep up on a good pest control program. It is good for business as well as the health of your customers and tenants. Envirotech Pest Solutions can help with your commercial building or buildings. We can identify and create the proper pest control program you need. Contact us today to schedule a time to come out and begin your building’s pest control needs.

Importance of Hospital, Medical Institution & Healthcare Facility Pest Control Policy Procedures in Aurora, CO

When we think of healthcare buildings and facilities, we automatically think sterile and clean. However even a healthcare building has it own challenges with their squeaky clean persona. Like any other building it needs constant cleaning … pest management. Every healthcare facility has its own unique needs for pest control. You must tailor each healthcare building’s pest control program to fit its own pest problems and of course, the patients needs as well. Envirotech Pest Solutions will share a little bit about the battle a healthcare facility faces against pest and learn what the real pest problem is.

Pest Analysis in Healthcare; Preventing Pests

Many kinds of pests can enter healthcare facilities through small cracks and doorways. It is the pest control company’s job to find these entry points, spray and help seal them off. But the battle is still not won just yet. Many pests also gain entry to healthcare facilities through drains and drainage lines. Many pests like cockroaches and even ants will make their way into the healthcare building using this route. It is a common pest control practice to use a drainage cleaner. This cleaner uses a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes and good bacteria that breaks down grease and grime in the drain. This helps clean them and prevent pests from wanting to go through the drains. Another major pest problem is roosting birds. Many birds are drawn to roof tops to nest. Pest control professionals often find pigeons and other birds nesting near the HVAC unit of healthcare buildings. This could be a major problem for patients. Pigeons especially carry pathogens that can be spread through the HVAC system and are carried throughout the facility. This is why bird control is taken seriously in our healthcare facilities.

Cardboard Boxes Bring in Cockroaches & Spiders. Bedding Brings in Bed Bugs!

However many of the pest problems that healthcare facilities face aren’t derived from the environment of birds and insects, but the high volume of visitors and patients. Due to the constant flow of visitors, the doorways of healthcare facilities are open a great deal of the time. This gives pests time to enter. All of the loving family or friends that bring blankets and pillows to the patients often bring in bed bugs which are one of the top pest problems in healthcare facilities. Insects like cockroaches and spiders are sometimes brought in with boxes of cardboard items for a long term patient to help make their rooms feel more like home.

Hospital & Medical Institution Pest Prevention

So what can be done to fight pest problems in healthcare facilities? By helping make more people aware of the possibility that they could be bringing in pests and having them take the proper measures so that they don’t, will greatly reduce this problem. For those who wish to bring their friend or family pillows and blankets, washing them first in hot water and drying them using high heat will kill any possible bed bug problem. Encourage people to enter the healthcare facility quickly. This will help keep pests out. Have them check all boxes or bags before they come into a healthcare facility for any pest.

Professional Pest Management

Healthcare facilities do their part in keeping the building clean and pest free, but visitors can help play their part too. Envirotech Pest Solutions will continue to work on keeping healthcare buildings clean and pest free. For your entire residential and commercial pest management needs, contact Envirotech Pest Solutions today.