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Snake infestations are not uncommon in Colorado. Spring is the time snakes become active again. To keep snakes off your property, the best strategy is to take steps as soon as the weather starts to warm up. The two most effective things you can do to keep snakes away are the use of a good preventative repellent and reduce conditions attractive to snakes.

Prevention is a very effective way to keep snakes from property. Preventative repellent treatments create an unpleasant barrier snakes prefer not to cross. The biggest obstacle with treatments is once snakes are already in your property, they will be trapped in by a preventive treatment. Creating a need to trap and remove the snakes. This is why it is important to have the repellent applied very early in the spring, we recommend before mid March, depending on weather.

Conditions attractive to snakes are food and shelter. Therefore, fish in a pond and a rodent infestation are two conditions snakes find very appealing. Rock walls, dense vegetation, openings under decks and porches are just a few good examples of places snakes like to nest in.

Useful Prevention Methods

Some of the methods to ensure snakes stay out of your home, business, and yard are quite simple. Steps such as eliminating debris like rock and wood piles can be accomplished with relative ease. Another easy way to discourage snakes is to trim overgrown hedges and cut back areas filled with high amounts of brush plants. It’s important to make sure gaps under doors are sealed as these provide a point of entry for snakes. Holes in the walls and around pipes, gaps in decks and porches, and torn screens can all provide entryways for snakes and should be addressed as soon as possible.

With a staff of knowledgeable snake prevention professionals, Envirotech Pest Solutions can identify possible snake habitats and provide advice as to preventing them from getting into your home and yard. Snakes are very prominent throughout the Denver Metro and Front Range area. They’ve been known to carry diseases and small insects. Mites, ticks, and other small insects can latch onto snakes and be carried inside of your home.

Identifying Venomous Snakes

Regardless of whether or not a snake is venomous, your best course of action is to leave it alone. Don’t attempt to get up close and personal with any snakes. Snakes tend to be very territorial and often lash out when they start to feel threatened. Colorado is home to three types of rattle snakes. However, the most common rattle snake in Colorado’s front range is the Prairie Rattle Snake.

Prevention is always the easiest and most effective method to keep snakes out of your yard. So start early before they become an issue. If you’ve made steps towards snake-proofing your property but are still seeing snakes, make sure to call the snake prevention pros at Envirotech.

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Snake Prevention

Snake Prevention

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